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  1. its giving me error ..please solve this error
    “Call to undefined function curl_setopt() in C:\wamp\www\messege\sms\apismsphp.php on line 21”
    and explain about this error please help……

  2. I am facing an error plz help me
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in
    C:\wamp\www\sms\index.php on line 16

  3. I am Facing an error please help me

    {“errors”:[{“code”:3,”message”:”Invalid login details”}],”status”:”failure”}

    But my credentials are correct but why i am getting this error

  4. when i am executing this file it shows
    {“errors”:[{“code”:3,”message”:”Invalid login details”}],”status”:”failure”}
    this type of error
    what can i do ?

  5. {“errors”:[{“code”:3,”message”:”Invalid login details”}],”status”:”failure”}
    what i do
    please help me


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