Top 5 Indian Tech YouTubers That i Like

As you all know guyz, youtube is growing much faster in Indian than in other country of the world. So, in last two years, the numbers of YouTubers is growing rapidly especially the Tech youtuber in India. So in this article, neither we are gonna learn about Tech things nor Programming thing but a list of Tech youtubers that i like. so let’s get into the today’s Topic.

1. My Smart Support (Dharmendra Kumar): Dharmendra Kumar is in my first list. Dharmendra Kumar is very down to earn person i have ever seen in this youtube community. The best part of Dharmendra sir is he support the small youtubers or beginners (Due to this reason he got 3 strike because of sharing the small youtubers video in his community tab and later that youtuber give 3 strike and later due to the great support from other youtubers that guy bring back 3 strike).

My Smart Support
Dharmendra Kumar

The specialist of the Dharmendra sir is in web but he is the first one who provide us the YouTube Updates. So, his genre is YouTube news but it does not mean that he make only Youtube update video. He also make other tech video like web designing, android programming unboxing and review of gadget; in recent video he is focusing on unboxing and review. Many of us is really inspired by him and i think the life story of Dharmendra Kumar inspire everyone. He spread the positive vibes to everyone. Whenever youtube announces updates i search Dharmendra Kumar’s channel that is My Smart Support and get updated because he is the first one who upload such news video from India. He is full Time Youtuber.

Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 572,973

2. Technical Sagar (Abhishek Sagar): Abhishek Sagar is in number 2 position of my liked list. He is an ethical hacker. He has knowledge of everything like tech, programming, management, hacking, science etc more specially tech and programming. He is the only Indian youtuber who doesnot open up any box of gadgets that is unboxing and review videos that makes him great. He provide us an amazing tech videos. I think he is the most talented Tech youtubers of India.

Technical Sagar
Abhishek Sagar

The amazing part of Technical Sagar is; he is an ethical hacker but he is the student of management, and he own a web designing and development company but his hobbies is acting so he is running another Channel where he upload funny video. So, He is amazing youtuber. Another talent of Technical Sagar is he can speak in may domestic languages tone of Indian language like gujrati, marathi, punjabi etc because his father is government servant due to this reason his father had transferred in different region so whole family have to transfer in the place where his father is transferred so he have to adjust in that region that why he had force to learn that local culture and tones.

Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 863, 740

3. Tehnical Guruju (Gaurav Chaudhary): This youtuber is in my 3 number of my liked list. He is also an amazing and talented youtuber of India. in past time he makes mostly all the tech video but in recent time he makes most of the video on Tech latest news. The best part of Technical Guruji is the presentation. He describe the thing in a very simple way so that everybody understand everything easily.

Technical Guruji
Gaurav Chaudhary

Also he is the only Indian Tech youtuber who has 4M+ subscribers so he is in the top list of top youtuber creator from India. He is not the full time youtuber and he live in Dubai.

Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 4,966,660

4. Billi 4 You ( Tausif Khalid): Tausif khalid is app specialist. The best part of this tech youtuber is he provides the review of different software of PC like editing s/w and android apps. In recent time he uploads video related to bitcoins. It does not mean that he does not upload other tech videos. What makes him different from other tech youtubers is he provide the software review while most of us from India provide the mobile review that is hardware review.

Billi 4 You
Tausif Khalid

Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 780,582

5. Aayiye Sikhte Hai / YT Advice/Technical Dost: These three channel are in my fifth number of my liked list. I have watched Aayiye Sikhte Hai video and i like him. Mostly he upload general tech videos.

Aayiye Sikhte Hai

Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 777,195

I have watched almost all video of YT Advice videos but i have not seen his video since 8-9 month and i don’t know why he is not uploading video.

YT Advice
YT Advice


YT Advice
YT Advice







Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 169,406

i like technical dost because he express the tech thing by combining comedy which is the best part of him and i like the way he express all the things in his video.

Technical Dost
Hitesh Kumar

Language: Hindi

Subscribers: 602,791

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