You may be surprised but its true. YouTube;Not only the world largest video storing website but also the most popular platform for video creators got hacked today. The highest viewed Despacito songs got deleted by hackers Kuroi’SH & Prosox. With this news, the social networking sites are getting populated with the news regarding to the hacking of youtube. Not only Despicato song got deleted but also some other popular artists like Drake, CalvinHarris, Katty Parry, Maroon 5, Sakira etc video got affected.

YouTube Hacked

But it is not conformed that whether the youtube associated user account is hacked or youtube server. But what we can guess is may be the user account. But if the youtube server is hacked then what will be the future of Current Creators (Big and small), new creators and those billions of Video. Due to this news, The Company who place their ads in youtube may not place their ads due to this effect the YouTube creators revenue may be drastically decreases and which ultimately affect the profit margin of Google.



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