How to Send Free SMS From Gmail?

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if you are searching for the tutorial that tell you how you can use your gmail account to send SMS, then you are in the right tutorial.

Generally we use our gmail account either in creating account in some other website like, facebook, twitter etc or sending mail to other (that may include file, photos, videos etc).
Also, everyday we are sending SMS to our relatives or friends in order to inform something to them or just regular contact. And for this, we have to pay.

But what if we can use our gmail account to send SMS???. you guyz may not believe this, and can say what, really etc. But  yeah, we can use our gmail account to send SMS. There are many more online tutorial for sending SMS for free but in those method you need to do alot of thing and really tedious. But sending SMS using your Gmail account is preety much simple and fast method. All you need to do is install one extension and have one gmail account that’s it. What can be the advantages of this article??


The major advantage is: We can send SMS to others with free of cost. And the other one is Every time we are in pc so we don’t need to search our mobile to send SMS.

So lets start:


If you are still confused, watch the following video: