How to Send Free SMS From Online?

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As you all know guyz, the era that we are living is an era of internet, so everyone is hanging on their PC all the time. Everyday we are sending some SMS to our friends in order to inform something to them. So, if there is some method that can send SMS for free, everyone gonna use that method and loved it. Today, in this tutorial we are gonna discuss about that method. And also if you wanna send the message to your friends without displaying your number and name, this tutorial is for you! sometime we are in the mode of cracking jokes and wanna fool your friends or sending some threatening message(only for entertainment purpose otherwise it will be illegal) you can use this method.

All you have do is go to and there you need to create one account. after creating account. (you need to fill up some of your information and txtlocal will send you a verification email into your email and verify your account [watch the video for detail]) you have to hover your mouse over setting menu and click check box of active emial2sms. and then hove over send menu and click on send text SMS, click on that option and you need to provide the number that you want to send the SMS and you can select your default display name and you can also schedule your SMS which will looks like this:

May be after sending 10 SMS your credit will be finished! but don’t be sad you can send more and more SMS but you need to create another account with another email account in ! that’s it. you may not be that much happy to hear this (sending only 10 SMS) but don’t forget you are able to send these 10 SMS for free and also there is one line “To get something, you must lose something”. it means you have to spend some time in creating account in in order to send free SMS.

Finally, if you guyz think, this is awesome tutorial and help you in some extend please share this tutorials with your all friend so that they can know about this method of sending SMS!

for more details watch the video: