Hey guyz, if you were tired of searching this topic and still can’t get the any idea about it and can’t create gmail account without phone number, then you are in the write webpage. So, in this tutorials we are going to talk and see how you can create gmail account without phone number in 2018.

Without further more explanation, let’s get into the topic:


1. Open your Gmail apps from your smart phone(I am using Android Phone), and then click on the navigation drawer icon().

2. Then click on that drop down arrow.

3. You will see the add account option, click that option and select google.

4. Now click on New. Then type your first name and last name.

5. And then click this icon.

6. type the gmail account you want to create provided that this gmail account is available.

7. Click Next, Type your password you want to set to this gmail. Click Next.

8. Now select either Set up recovery option or Not Now what ever you want.

9. Click Next>I accept>Next.

That’s it 🙂

if you have any confusion watch the following video.



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