How to Block All Social Media From Your Computer?

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This is an era of TECHNOLOGY and SOCIAL MEDIA. And internet became the most vital things in our daily life. we can spend one day without eating food and water but we can not spend one hour without having internet most importantly social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube etc. By the proper utilization of social media, can help us and teaches many things  like what’s trending in the world, latest news some funny things etc. But, the kids of this generation are blind craze about social media and they started to use social media for the wrong purpose and all the time they put their eye in their computer surfing internet more especially social media. So, this is not the good sign of the kids. if they use internet and social media for the right things and for the retrieval of new things it’s good but putting their eye all the time in the PC may be disasterious for their health as well as educational sector. Also too much focusing on social media divert their mind and later they cannot concentrate in their study.

it’s their time to learn something new and be creative. So, if you are tired of this problem and searching for the solution. Here is the solution for you!

first of all go to the drive of your computer where your operating system is installed generally C drive is the drive where OS is installed. and then find window folder and double clicked on it and then go to system32 and double click on it and then scroll down and find drivers folder and double clicked on it and you may see etc folder and double click on it. and finally you may see hosts file.

or in the location bar type the following location as:



if you confused, you can watch the following video: