Best Screen Recording / Capturing Software for YouTube

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Hello guyz, if you are planning to record some useful tutorials or any other video in your PC (Windows) for YouTube, Then you need to have a best Video Capture/Recording Software in your PC.There are many software available in Market and Internet which you can buy or download for your required purpose, but the matter is which is the best and easiest software which make your work easy and provide easy user interface to use it and have a great features as well.

In this context i have observed many software and use many of them which are:

1. Adobe Captivate 9

2. CamStudio

3. AVS Video Recorder

4. Ezvid

5. Window Video Recorder

6. Camtasia etc.

But after using among this all software, i finally came in the decision that the best Screen Recording/Capturing Software is the Adobe Captivate. This software is easy to use and it has many features, you can edit your video, after recording, can add images, objects, highlight something in your video and also you can directly upload that video to your youtube channel. It has such a great flexibility. To Record video, goto file > Record a New > Video Demo.

Best Screen Recording Software

After this you will see the following window:

Best Screen Recording Software

Look here, you can capture your whole screen or custom size as you want. after recording, if you see the resolution the video is clear. but in some software the video will be fine when you recording after stopping to record, your video will unclear difficult to recognize the content of your video or the sound will be fast and the video will be slow. But in case of Adobe Captivate, all these problem are overcome. That’s why i am saying this is the best screen recording software. After Recording, you can Directly upload it to your YouTube Channel or can edit which look like this:

if your video is fine you can directly upload it to your YouTube Channel or if your video need some change then click on edit. After clicking on edit you can edit your video and add some features like textbox, caption, highlight some content , add images etc. which look like:

now if you want to obtain the MP4 format of your video click on publish video option from the toolbar menu and click on publish on computer.

After this you have a different option like you can product a YouTube widescreen HD, YouTube Widescreen SD, or for other iPhone videos or your custom size video.

Look, These are the all procedure and the features that are provide by the Adobe Captivate 9 with easy user interface. Hope you guyz learn something and able to select the best screen recording software after reading this article.

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