How to Insert, Delete, Update and Search Data in MySQL Database Using PHP?[With Source Code]

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Hello guyz, if you are searching for tutorial which show inserting, deleting updating and searching data in your MySQL database through PHP script, then you are in the right article. In this tutorial article, we are gonna talk about it. This is the most basic operation in any programming language and this rule applies to PHP too. Without knowing this basic step, you can not develop either small or big project using PHP. So lets start.

First of all you need to have any server application installed in your PC. Without server application you can not execute any php file because PHP is server side scripting language. So, to make your PC as a server you need to install server application. I am using Wamp Server but you can use any server application software.

Download Wampserver:


That’s it guyz. If you have any confusion, you can watch the video.