In this tutorial we are going to talk about how to create user registration form in java using MySQL Server database.

If you don’t know how to create login form in java, first of all, you need to read these tutorials:

Login form in java using SQL Server Database: HERE

Login form in java using MySQL Database: HERE

After reading these tutorial, you will understand basics about java, JDK, JRE, environment variable, required server application etc.

So, i consider that you have the basic knowledge of all these things, and required application in your system. But specifically, in this tutorial we need these two application.

Download NetBeans IDE: HERE

Download WAMP Server: HERE


1.Now open Netbeans IDE and click on file > new project. Select categories as java and project as java application from that window:

How to Create Login From in Java

2. Click next and then give your project name and then click finished.

3. Now right click on your project and select new > JFrame Form:

4. After this new window will appear from this window drag Panel and extend it, and drag eight label, seven Text Field, one Button ,one ComboBox and drop to the jframe from. Change the name of the label to first name, last name, address, gender, email, phone, username and password. Change the variable name of the Text Field and combo box by right clicking it and named it as txtfName, txtLname, txtAdd, cmbGender, txtEmail, txtPhone, txtUser and txtpass respectively. Change the Button text to Register. And right click the combobox click on properties and click on model, add the item there like Male, Female and Others etc. which will looks like this:

how to create user registration form in java using mysql database?
how to create user registration form in java using mysql database?

5. And finally our login form will looks like the following one:

how to create user registratoin form in java using mysql database?
how to create user registration form in java using mysql database?

6. After download and installing wamp server open it, and then open your localhost, for this open up your any browsing software and type localhost or in the address bar. Then new page will appear then scroll down and find phpmyadmin and click on that. Then you will be able to see the login page. Login in by entering username and password (Default username is root and password is empty). And then click on new and create one database having any name you want and the click OK, then create table having eight field in and click on go. After that, you need to insert the field name like: fname, lname, addr, email, phone, gender, username and password. and then select the length (like 50, 30, 100 etc) as well as data type (recommend varchar) as your requirement and then click on save. OR You can watch the video for this designing part, you may understand better in video.

some screenshot of creating database are:

7. Declare following variable inside the class your jframe, for this select source from the top of the jframe.

Connection con = null;
PreparedStatement pst = null;

8. Now double click the Register button and write the following code:

String query = "INSERT INTO `user`(`fname`, `lname`, `addr`, `gender`, `email`, `phone`, `username`, `password`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)";
con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/userregistration", "root", "");
pst.setString(1, txtFname.getText());
pst.setString(2, txtLname.getText());
pst.setString(3, txtAdd.getText());
pst.setString(4, cmbGender.getSelectedItem().toString());
pst.setString(5, txtEmail.getText());
pst.setString(6, txtPhone.getText());
pst.setString(7, txtUser.getText());
pst.setString(8, txtPass.getText());
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "REGISTER SUCCESSFULLY");

}catch(Exception ex){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, ex);


9. Now you need to have MySQL connector for java so download it. Click Here and Add this jar file in your project libraries folder by right clicking libraries >click add jar. Select downloaded jar file and click open.

10. To run this program you need to right click on your jframe and click run file as below:

Now fill the form and click that register button. That’s it. 🙂

If you like this tutorial share this tutorials with your friends or in any java group so that they will know about this tutorial.

If you are confused then you can watch the following video:


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