How to Create Quiz Apps in Android using SQLite Database and Android Studio? [With Source Code]

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If you guyz are searching for the tutorial that show how to create android based quiz apps using Android Studio, Then you are in the right tutorial. 🙂

Before getting into the topic, let’s understand what is the basic concept, how this is programmatically possible and so on. In general quiz application, user select their answer and click send button to submit their answer to the server (in case of online) or to local database (in case of offline) and then they check their answer by click other button. So, we need to understand programmatically what happen when the user select their answer and click on submit button and what is the operation behind when user click on the check button. Being the programmer you can imagine what operation need to perform to do this using Android.

So, our basic concept is when the user select their answer, their answer need to be inserted into the database and return some value when user click the another button for checking answer. So, for this we are going to create one database in our SQLITE. And inside that database we are going to create three table. you can give them any name but for our convenient we give the name of these three table as submittedanswer, answer and compare.

And inside each table we are going to create two column i.e. ID is common in all there table and second column name is: sa in submittedanswer table, ans in answer table and value in compare table. We can insert correct answer in the answer table either by programming or manually but we do it programmatically we can do it manually but it may be time consuming and tedious but again if you want to do so you can watch the following video.  So when the user click their answer and click submit button, their answer will store in submittedanswer table and at the same time that submitted answer will compare with the previously stored correct answer which is store in answer table and should store either correct or incorrect value in the third table i.e. in compare table. And when the user click the Check Button the compare table value should be display in the message box(Toast). So, This is our Basic concept to do this project. So let’s do it.

So let get into the topic, in this tutorial we are gonna learn about many thing during the completion of this small but interesting tutorial.


You can see all the below procedure in following Video:

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