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    • (“SELECT * FROM “+DatabaseHelper.TABLE_NAME+ “WHERE” + DatabaseHelper.COL_4 + “=? AND” + DatabaseHelper.COL_5+ “=?”, new String[]{email,pass});
      how to solve this error ????..
      plz give the solution;

      • ” SELECT * FROM TABLE NAME WHERE FIRST_COLUMN_NAME =? AND SECOND_COLUMN_NAME=?”, new String[] {variable1,variable2});

  1. (“SELECT * FROM “+DatabaseHelper.TABLE_NAME+ “WHERE” + DatabaseHelper.COL_4 + “=? AND” + DatabaseHelper.COL_5+ “=?”, new String[]{email,pass});

    had error in this line of code “?” the first question mark. trying but cant figure it out

  2. thank you so much ..this code is working ….now i have to retrieve This login data and shown in new activity …plz tell me …….Thank you.

  3. Hey can you please help me in how can I check if the user is logged in from my main page and if he is not then send him to the start activity (where there are login and registration buttons).

  4. hello guys pls help me i m getting error at
    openHelper=new DatabaseHelper(this);
    symbol cannot be resolved..i m following the video as it is

  5. Hi how can i retrieve the registered data and display it upon another activity but not all the registered user will be displayed just the current user who registered/login


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