Classification of Computer System

  1. Classification according to Construction:-there are mainly three types of computer according to construction or work. They are:
  • Analog computer: The computer which operated on continuous data of physical nature like, electric current, length, voltage, sound etc. Here, continuous data means the data whose value can be taken in each event. This type of computer input continuous data, process continuous, output continuous data. This type of computer is slower, less correct result size is larger etc. for example:- Ultra sound machine, Analog watch, thermometer, analog voltmeter etc are example of analog devices.
  • Digital computer:- This type of computer operates on digital or non-continuous or discrete data. The discrete data means the value of data cannot take every time or the value is only taken in certain event. This computer is faster than analog computer. This computer gives correct result than analog computer and size of digital computer is also reduced. In digital computer everything is represented in binary value. The binary value have only 0 and 1. Generally, 1 is represented by high voltage(+5 V) and 0 is represented by low (0 V). modern computers are digital computer, and this type of computer can perform word processing, data processing etc.
  • Hybrid computer:-The combination of analog and digital computer is known as hybrid computer. This computer is more powerful than analog and digital computer. This computer can input analog data and can convert to digital and can give out in the form of analog data. This type of computer is mainly used in hospital, research large organizations, or other vital signs. These measurements are then converted into numbers and supplied to a digital component that monitor the patient’s vital sign and signals.
  1. Classification according to size:-
  • Super computer:- This is most largest, most powerful, most expensive computer. It can store large amount of data. This type of computer is used for special purpose. These types of computers are used by government agencies. These computers are mainly used for weather forecasting, banking, service communication, airline ticketing, security, etc. Cray Y-MP/C90 is example of super computer.
  • Mainframe computer:- Mainframe computers are largest, fastest, most expensive computer system for general purpose. They have very large storage capacity and have a very high speed processing. They support very large number of terminals; so one hundred persons can work on same computer at a same time. Mainframe computers can be used in Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (WAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Communication can also establish in case of mainframe computer. In Nepal there are two mainframe computers: IBM 1401, and ICL2950/10. Both computers were brought for census. But these computers are out-dated now.
  • Microcomputer :- The computers which are based on microchip are called microcomputers. Microcomputers are also called Home computers or Personal computers. Microcomputers can be setup within room or small office. The size of computer is reduced to small packet calculator Laptop computer can also be categories in microcomputer which is very small in size. The microcomputer can communicate with LAN and MAN with the help of device called MODEM. Microcomputers  are more popular because they are used in many fields such as education, business, hotel, data processing and desktop publishing.
  1. Classification according to Application:
  • General purpose computer:- The computer which are used for general purpose such as preparing text or multimedia applications, learning, playing games, watching movies etc. These computers are not expansive and almost general public. Generally, microcomputers are used in general purpose. These computers are used in home, office, school, college, as well as hospital and airlines.
  • Specific purpose computer:- These computers have special purpose such as scientific research, storing large volume of data, controlling and  monitoring other computers etc. these computers are not affordable for general public and expansive also.


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