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I’m Ran Bahadur B.K. and I am the Author of this blog/site you can call me ‘Ran’.

A Youtuber, Blogger, Engineer . since the latest technology (Gadget industry) came into presence, I am become more enthusiast to play with Gadgets and new stuff and I learned so much from YouTube and Google, all I have in my mind is happened by my learning capabilities. so here I am sharing my Knowledge with blogs and Youtube channels.


TechSupportNep is my YouTube Channel which is started in 2016 I am passionate about the tech and then I learned so much from the Internet especially from YouTube, I created YouTube channels TechSupportNep, later I decided to start a Blog on this TECH niche. This way I started this blog, Check MY YouTube Channels HERE, you can Find Awesome Tech and programming content. Finally, SUBSCRIBE…

TechSupportNep is my first Blog which is in TECH niche, where you can find all the Tips, Tricks, Programming Tutorials that help you in a practical way, we provide Tech News, tricks to enhance your computer.

I basically try to post high Quality Blogs that provide information to the people.
I will love to hear your feedback and your suggestion would be highly prioritized.
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or you can contact us at:– info@techsupportnep.com, erranbahadurbk@gmail.com, techsupnep@gmail.com
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